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You mean so much to me

2012, Middelburg

“You Mean So Much to Me” is a black artwork shaped like a pier, featuring a lantern and a protruding element with the phrase “You mean so much to me” inlaid. The artwork invites use for sitting, walking, standing, or as a meeting place. Due to the lack of light in the immediate surroundings, it becomes a focal point in the neighborhood at night, functioning as a potential setting for events. During the day, the black material of the work creates a distinct place in the green environment of Veersepoort. The intended use of the work was unpredictable beforehand, but it has turned out that young skaters, among others, use it as a skate ramp, giving it additional functions beyond just a place to sit, look out, and meet.

Cleint: Stichting Beeldende Kunst Middelburg

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