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‘… you mean, social media changed the status of models?’

2018, Kunstverein Langenhagen, Langenhagen

The work is made from leftover material from the site-specific work “Paint a Rumour,” previously shown in the exhibition “Der erweiterte Blick” at Kunstverein Langenhagen. Now, it functions not as a space-specific curtain but as an autonomous sculpture in the exhibition “Die wechselnde Erscheinung.” This exhibition explores how artworks can transform and how an exhibition can reference both past and future. In the work “… you mean, social media changed the status of models?” I aimed to explore how a new object, made from recognizable material from a previous work at the same institution, relates anew to the visitor. The work hovers between a state of metamorphosis and dysfunction. A story about an imaginary encounter between two people is projected onto the wall.

Group exhibition ’Die wechselnde Erscheinung’

With: Anna, Stefano Calligaro, Dina Danish, Rhoda Kellogg, Christopher Knowles, Marijn van Kreij and Isabel Nolan

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